“Feminists are the worst”

“you caved to pressure from SJW rhetoric. It’s the same kind of vitriolic garbage that caused things like gamergate and the stuff con-artists like Anita Sarkeesian thrive off.”


“It’s pretty clear to me you guys folded over one very stupid and unreasonable complaint by a feminist.”



It seems to me, that when parents have daughters, life becomes complicated. This isn’t because of the daughters, but the instinct within the parents to protect their children. It sounds really reasonable, even if you have a feminist approach to life, reality is very real and finite when you consider throwing your child into the world.

Covering up your daughter’s eyes to not make her see possible influential images of women showing off their bodies, to somehow prevent them from doing so themselves, in an attempt to protect them from potential harassment, rape or worse. All the while, from a feminist perspective, it’s not the women who are to blame when they are victim of said crimes. Generally, it doesn’t even matter how you dress. Women get harassed, just because of their gender, period.


Shame on you little girl

When it comes to the subject of showing off your body, if it comes from the actual person’s initiative (important detail), should not be the “wrong” thing to do. Both men and women judge women’s bodies and the way they dress*, and it doesn’t actually matter in what direction of the ‘sexy’ scale, it’s never good enough.

Body shaming happens to men too, especially when they are considered to be “fat” by others for example, but still so very much less.

*) includes catcalling, insults, dress too short, dress too long, too much cleavage, not enough makeup, too much makeup, top too short, belly too big, breasts too small, not enough smiling, too much smiling, too sexy, too prude, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc


Body positive

So when it comes to feminism, most of the feminists I’ve seen and read, are pro-choice, sex-positive, body-positive. When you can’t ever do anything right in the eyes of the straight-male-gaze, the best approach is to combat body shaming, self deprecation and be happy about who you are and what you look like.

It gets really complicated when the choice is not yours, but when it comes from a movie script or director for example, because when we wind back time to the pre-body-positive era – women had to appeal to the straight-male-gaze and were, and still aren’t considered equal to those men. So is this choice coming from the movie script that portray the woman as a full person And body-positive, or is there really no person to speak of beside the body parts.

Game developers are in the same realm of “it’s complicated”, where they have to find a way to develop characters as people first regardless of gender or body type.

General line of thought: if the person is an actual person first, you know, like you’d write your male characters, then there are no rules about bodies – although always by choice, even if “inconsistent” with their general way of expressing themselves.

Ok, maybe if you have Anita Sarkeesian judging your game you might have to go the extra mile to rise above the generic sexist movie script. It’s complicated.


Back to the parents

Is this parent concerned and hiding their daughter from the Internet a feminist? Probably not. Based on the victimizing the daughter that is… Based on body positivity, or lack of, it’s still complicated.

But as a parent, life is even more complicated. And their worries aren’t invalid. Perhaps misguided about the the cause of their worry.


Either way

It was interesting to read all the unfiltered rage.

Ok, I enjoyed the talk about butts on twitter more.