Earthly photographs

There are a lot of satellites, spacecraft and debris of previous spacecrafts floating around in space, most of these objects are registered and tracked and can be found on websites like

Very little of these spacecraft however actually carry camera’s to take regular pictures of the earth in a single frame. Those that do take pictures take close-ups of certain area’s. Most other satellites are used for communication, navigation or measurements and do not use camera’s.

Then there’s the ISS of course which has camera’s onboard and some that are operated by the crew, which results in the most spectacular images of our home planet.

There are a lot of space agencies, countries and organisations invested in space and I took the liberty to collect a few images on pinterest of the Earth taken by the spacecraft and satellites of various space agencies that aren’t NASA.

It’s because of extensive library at The Planetary Society that I was able to find most of these, and there’s a special page with pictures of the Earth taken by all the other satellites and spacecraft as well.