Shit people say to get banned #2

Permabans are not given out lightly in BaseTradeTV. We make mistakes like any other, but usually bans are a result of multiple occasions of breaking the rules, which can be read on the twitch page.

To illustrate the kind of bans that were categorized in my previous post under “General assholery or all of the above”, here are a few examples. These examples are very small subsets of what these people said over multiple casts, sometimes even multiple months. Usually they are in conjunction with toxic and negative chatter.

The sentences are shortened and spelling errors are fixed to anonymize the messages.

Person 1

  • you guys are some thirsty motherfuckers
  • this is what happens when guys are deprived of female attention for 25 years
  • you guys are genuinely fuck tarded
  • this is literally worse than nazism
  • excuse me please stop harassing the mods, let’s see you get bullied for 4 years in high school and turn out any differently
  • power tripping middle school mod

Person 2

  • this observer is garbage
  • ballsack league
  • this game is giving me cancer
  • English is hard, just look at all these people in chat
  • terran is a retarded race
  • hey mods, you piece of shits, ban me

Person 3

  • gay, so fucking gay
  • fucking gay retarded autistic morons in chat
  • they changed the gender, because the feminazis demanded it
  • ZombieGrub, kill yourself

Person 4

  • that was gay
  • Rifkin’s going to get a blow job now
  • she seems really fucking stupid
  • you dirty slut

Person 5

  • fapfapfap
  • Blizzard, go kill yourself
  • shit, cock, fuck, cunt
  • shithead Amerifags

BTTV permaban statistics

A bit back I decided to categorize all the permabans on BaseTradeTV we have registered since the start of January. It’s not automated and I have to manually categorize the bans, so it won’t be completely accurate. A lot of the times someone isn’t just banned because a single comment, although if bad enough that’s still possible.

There might be more categories, but this is what I personally thought was the best I could do. I wish I could further specify the ones that fall under “general assholery or all of the above“, but that’s easier said than done.

People who complain about bans #1

A Series about dicks in BasetradeTV Twitch chat   This person is very vocal about his bans and tries to rile up chat.

You must not speak about casters or their skills or criticize them, or else you’ll get banned I was banned on the first one for saying I dislike his casting.

What this misogynist actually said

bitch Classic fucking bitch

Kaitlyn fucking sucks. How did she make it to GM? WTF IS THIS

Fuck Livibee – she may be good looking and a good player but she doesn’t know shit about casting. Sorry.

NA GM is a fucking joke. If Kaitlyn can get it, anyone can.