This is just an “anything goes” blog, because really, I already have too many untouched blogs, so let’s actually use one.

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This was the old intention of this blog:

I’m a part of the age of the Internet. I grew up knowing how to connect and learn from people around the globe from just behind my computer. With that knowledge comes freedom, and the inevitable and aluring concept of “free”, that is sometimes refered to as “stealing”. The lines become fuzzy, but as long as you keep in school and read the occasional news site and Wikipedia, you know not everything is as black and white and the big companies would like you and your government to believe.

A lot of publishers are expecting to make a large profit by investing a little money into people by their own choice and liking, that they influence and mold into what they’re expecting to be big sellers. Put a large arbitrary number on the packaging and demand consumers to consume, but more importantly, pay up.

I’m a firm believer of following my own path of choosing what to view, listen and experience in the world. I do what I want, and not what the publisher may want me to do. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognise the fact that money exists, and there’s no easy way of getting rid of it. So just as I need to pay for my housing and food, whoever made happen what I wanted to experience, does too have to deal with these annoying facts of life. If this person created whatever I enjoy, I can’t possibly have it on my conscience to have that person spent all that time on their creation, hopefully enjoying themselves as well by doing what they love, to have them evicted, starved, or not being able to pay whatever service, product or company they needed to produce their creations.

With this blog, I hope to put forward and elaborate on my occasional donations and fundings to artists, companies or organisations that do amazing work that I or others can enjoy. Perhaps I can inspire someone to do the same.

I will try to post crowdfundings whenever I discover them and have the occasional collection of multiple charities or other things.

Twigleaf / @Partouf


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