We’re not part of the Internet

Being human is hearing and reading other humans say you’re social creatures. And we are, but mostly, we’re not. This isn’t because we don’t want to be social with other people, it’s because of the option not to.

Our brains are not part of the Internet, nobody (yet?) is able to actually see what’s going on in your brain. Unless you yourself decide to tell someone what you’re thinking about and what feelings you have about these things, there’s no way of someone else knowing exactly what that is.

What’s interesting to realize, is that this doesn’t just apply to your brain, but to others as well. You don’t know what your friend, neighbor, prime minister or whoever else are really thinking, either. You may think you know because of what they say, do or don’t say, but you really don’t actually know.

Being human is not hard because of not really knowing if someone else will care about what you’re thinking about, but because you think you’re the only one freaking out and worrying about these things.


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